I’m totally avoiding the grocery store today. I sense a case of the “blizzard crazies” spreading across the island. It was the talk of childcare room at the YMCA this morning, betting on when ferries will be canceled, and how hard the winds will blow.

So when I do venture to the market, what groceries to buy for the storm? The new issue of Bon Appetit has been tempting me from my bedside table for weeks. It’s a pasta issue and I’ve dog-eared a dozen recipes that scream I’m stuck in massive amounts of snow, feed me! But between the heaping bowls of Orecchiette with Kale & Breadcrumbs or Ditalini with Chickpeas & Garlic-Rosemary Oil one must eat sensibly. In walk your juicer.


Santa brought me a juicer this year and I’ve been really enjoying it. This Carrot Apple Ginger Juice is my favorite and the one coming out of the kitchen most often. The ginger is warming and is a helpful cold fighter for these winter months. The carrots and apples are sweet and earthy – delicious.

A few things I’ve learned about juicing:
-Start with the hardest fruits/vegetables working your way to the softest.
-Yes, cleaning the juicer is annoying but it’s really not that bad.
-You don’t need a huge glass of juice. A small serving is satisfying and nutritious.
-Buy produce in bulk to save on cash and always have the ingredients on hand. This is easy with apples and carrots.
-Store fresh ginger root in the freezer to avoid mold.

Carrot Apple Ginger Juice
makes 2 small glasses

4-6 carrots depending on size, washed, peeled, and ends trimmed
2 apples, washed and cut into quarters
2 inch piece of fresh ginger root, peeled