I know I’m like 4 years behind here but I’ve finally discovered podcasts – or, I’ve finally made time to listen to them. In any case, I’m hooked and have basically binge listened to series after series jumping from Serial and S-Town to One Part Podcast and Burnt Toast. What hit me most recently when listening to a One Part Podcast episode with Julia Turshen, was the shared excitement from cookbook authors when someone buys your book, cooks from it, then SHOWS YOU what they made. For me, this is both thrilling and completely scary but you guys have showed Feeding a Family a lot of home kitchen love. The outpouring of success stories has made me so so happy and proud of this book.

Below is a little visual collection of the recipe snaps you’ve shared. There are more but these are the ones I had handy. Thank you for using the book and telling me about it. To that point, the holidays are fast approaching and while I’m trying not to sound like a cars salesman here – you should really buy a copy of Feeding a Family for someone. Maybe it’s a food lover, teacher, friend, hostess, new parent, or just a busy person who would love a fresh pep in their dinner step. I know I’m a little biased but, a new cookbook really does make the perfect gift.

As a friendly reminder, here is where you can purchase Feeding a Family online:




And here is what people have said about it: 

“Sarah’s recipes are my favorite kind of recipes-wholesome, simple, and most important, strategic.Feeding young kids often requires a bonafide battle plan, and this book outlines that plan deliciously.” – Jenny Rosenstrach, author of Dinner: A Love Story and Dinner: The Playbook

“I consider myself pretty adept at cooking wholesome meals, but since I’ve had kids, I have found it more difficult to make something for dinner that everyone will eat. Sarah’s book is filled with ideas that help put a colorful and virtuous meal on the table without complicating things or taking a ton of time. I am sure I’ll be using this book as a weekly reference.” -Sara Forte, author of Sprouted Kitchen and Sprouted Kitchen: Bowl + Spoon

“Sarah Waldman’s Feeding a Family manages to somehow be beautifully modern and dreamily old-fashioned in equal measure. It reminds us that taking the time to cook from scratch is one of the most full-hearted ways to care for family and provides the tools and season-by-season recipes to make it happen. The deliciously homespun desserts alone are worth the price of the book.” -Katie Sullivan Morford, author of Rise & Shine

“Sarah Waldman’s Feeding a Family is filled with recipes for simple, wholesome, and seasonal meals. Maybe more importantly, it offers a recipe for cultivating a family mealtime tradition where stress and fuss melt away and togetherness takes center stage. Written in a style that’s relatable, upbeat, and encouraging, Feeding a Family gives parents of young children pragmatic tips for reclaiming dinnertime, one meal at a time.” – Erin Boyle, author of Simple Matters and creator of the blog Reading My Tea Leaves