DSC_0211Half the country is enjoying the start of spring and the other half (ahem me) is simply dreaming about it. But either way, our food is about to lighten up and heavy winter foods will be a thing of the past. I’m ready for it. I’ve been craving fresh cold fruit, vegetables, and crunchy sour snacks all week.

This upcoming shift inspired me to share my favorite green smoothies with Liz’s readers.


I’m hoping to get you all on the Green Smoothie train. Smoothies rock in so many ways – they are easy, quick, full of whole foods, and please little kids and big kids alike. If you need to sneak more green vegetables into your son, daughter, husband, or self here is the way to do it.

I’m sharing my two favorite green smoothies. They are both vegan, gluten free, and contain some healthy fat and protein so you are filled up and satisfied. The joy of smoothies is that they are ever adaptable so please get creative and toss your favorites into the blender. Here are the two best green smoothies…

Click over to Say Yes to Hoboken for the full recipes.

The Rainforest is a light blend of greens, fresh fruits and coconut milk while The Dino is a nuttier blend of almond and kale.